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About Us

Entre Technology Group is a privately held company that was founded in 1983 and is headquartered on the border of Fort Worth and Aledo, Texas.  

Our capabilities and client list span the globe.  From Singapore to Syracuse and Boston to Belgium we've shipped product to virtually every trade-permitted country in the world.  


We provide products from numerous manufactures at the best price and lead-time to satisfy our customers requirments.  Customer's receive products directly from us and not directly from manufacture or distribution.  This allows all products to go through a rigerous inspection and quality control process.  Our customers receive the product and quantity desired on-time and ready for their purpose.


We have, but are not limited to, products from computers, computer peripheals, accessories and cables, printers and supplies, network appliances and cables, office equipment and furniture, custom and standard boxes, and more...  


Contact us about the product you want, researching or uncertain about. 


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